About Us


Sela PCS is the first Hebrew Language Immersion Public Charter School in the District of Columbia. It is also the only Hebrew Language Charter School in the United States where children will learn all subjects in both English and Hebrew. Sela PCS has an innovative learning culture and will continue to innovate as it grows.

The students, teachers, board of directors and administration of Sela 
PCS will reflect the diversity of the nation's capital. Sela PCS will not

only recruit and retain students from all backgrounds, but will celebrate the diverse experiences and backgrounds of everyone in the Sela community.


Sela PCS is committed to high academic standards for all students. We strive for excellence in everything we do from recruitment of teachers to our students’ academic achievement.

We believe that the combination of foreign language acquisition and 21st century skills will equip Sela PCS students to begin a lifelong encounter with people and cultures beyond our borders, enriching their lives and preparing them to be truly global citizens.

Parents and students can count on Sela PCS to fulfill its obligation to bring them a first-class education in a safe, nurturing environment where we will cultivate a life-long love of learning in our students.



The school’s name, Sela, is derived from the Hebrew word for “rock” or “foundation.” Sela PCS is founded on a steadfast commitment to ensuring that all students have access to a strong foundational education that ensures high levels of academic achievement students in a dual-language immersion setting.



Sela PCS is committed to ensuring that all of its students experience the diverse offerings of the District of Columbia while ensuring high quality academic achievement for its students in a dual-language immersion setting.  Sela is guided in its innovative language-based program by the following philosophical principles and beliefs:

  • We believe that all children, regardless of background, learning abilities and physical capacities, can and should contribute to the creation of a positive, supportive learning community for all.
  • We believe that all children are capable of reaching high levels of academic excellent and social-emotional growth, and that one proven way of enabling their success is by purposefully providing a structure where children of varying backgrounds learn from, and with, each other.
  • We believe that it is crucial for all children to have the opportunity to gain fluency in more than one language and culture and that dual-language learning supports academic achievement and enhanced cognitive skills.
  • We believe that in the global world in which our children are growing up, it is crucial to provide them with the skills that they will need to take an active and responsible role in the world.

School Goals

  • Language Immersion - Sela will be a Hebrew-English immersion school with a commitment to early literacy and numeracy. Self will offer children a rigorous dual language curriculum in which students will develop greater literacy skills through the acquisition of two languages.
  • Diversity and Global Citizenship - Sela hopes to create a culture of appreciation for diversity and difference that will enrich students through their exposure to cultures and backgrounds different from their own.

School Culture

Sela’s vision is of a community of learners striving towards excellence, where children of all backgrounds and abilities are valued members of a safe, nurturing community, in which differences are appreciated, and families are active participants in school life. Through exposure to the Hebrew language and contemporary Israeli culture, students will learn broad lessons about how to appreciate and participate in cultures that are different from their own.

Sela Public Charter School is a beneficiary of Hebrew Public and is affiliated with its national network of schools.